A Fresh Funky Feel!

It’s time to get excited, stand up on our feet and get ready to dance! The JD Experience returned with a bang on Saturday 27th March with some exciting new faces working with Joe for the first time as part of his collaborations project. Talk about funky music, happy faces and dancing. It doesn’t get much better than that…

Working with several new musicians for the first time, there was a great sense of optimism, excitement and passion before the collaboration even began. ‘Play that funky music’ was originally released by Wild Cherry back in 1976 and it is one of the most well known funk songs of the modern era, with it commonly used for many dance tracks, weddings and disco venues. Joe and his colleagues once again set the bar even higher than before with this new release, full of new talent, fresh faces and a fantastic drive and groove towards highly successful reviews and responses.

Bergrún Svanbjargardóttir, working with Joe for the first time, showed her exceptional vocal technique and quality throughout the performance, a fantastic range and brilliant natural talent. She lead the band fantastically and consistently delivered energy and passion during the whole song. Sam Canfield didn’t ever need a second invitation to take control of the lead guitar parts and he certainly did all of that and much more throughout. He emulated the original lead guitar part to perfection and gave a clear example as to why many people regard him as one of the most reliable and fantastic musicians to work with. Sam Butterfield on the second guitar filled out the rhythmic section of the song fantastically, once again emulating the original guitar part to perfection and demonstrating his fantastic ability and natural talent as a freelance musician. He too is a new collaborator with Joe and it will certainly not be the last time these two work together after this fantastic performance. Will Collins, one of Joe’s good friends and a regular collaborator filled out the funky bass line brilliantly. Once again, not only did he create a brilliant part to play, but he went above and beyond to play as closely to the drum pattern as possible which is always a crucial part to the rhythmic flow of the song. Joe, as always added a few more layers to the song including keyboards and percussion parts as well as his exceptional drumming skills which are always a crucial part of any of his collaborations. He later commented…

“This was certainly something different. You could say it was a whole new different approach to the way I normally release collaborations. It was a completely different stye and feel this time, but by no means a bad one. Funk is something I have always wanted to cover with other musicians and I finally got the chance to do it with this amazing song and brilliant musicians. Not only that, but doing a brand new collaboration with a fresh set of new faces is always a wonderful feeling, I hope they all enjoy it as much as I did, I am so proud of all their efforts.”

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Bergrun Svanbjargardottir

Sam Canfield

Sam Butterfield

Will Collins