Born in Winchester and growing up in Dorset, England. Joe first picked up a drum stick at the age of 4 when his father who owned a drum kit used to play and record music himself. After seven years of teaching himself, Joe started taking up lessons at the age of eleven and went on to pass his Trinity Grade Eight exam with a distinction in 2017 when he was seventeen years old. He currently devotes his time equally between the U.K. and France. His band and sessions work is predominantly in the U.K., and his family residency is in Lauzun. In France he teaches young students how to play the drums and works part time as a teaching assistant at the local school. Joe has experience playing as numerous local venues around Dorset with his previous covers band. 

Whilst growing up, Joe has worked with some top professional players in the music industry, where he develop his technical skills and technique as he progressed through his teens and into his early 20s. One of these musicians includes John Roberts who is best known as the drummer for The Blockheads and has worked for Mark Knopfler on a number of occasions. John has described Joe as:

Always totally dependable, because of his amazing time keeping, groove, chops and feel.” 

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As a very creative, diverse and flexible drummer, Joe’s versatility has given him the opportunity to play a wide range of live performances and record with many different artists. The latest being Carl Jenkins’s single ‘Stay with me’ and Patrick Drake’s new single ‘Paper Tiger’ where Joe created the drum patterns himself on both songs. He has also played at venues in Guildford, including The Boileroom, The Star Inn and The Holroyd Arms. In addition, Joe has performed in London at numerous locations including The Unicorn, Camden. For his versatile style of drumming, Joe cites Neil Peart, Steve Gadd, Phil Collins, Ralph Rolle, Ian Matthews and Roger Taylor as just a handful of many big influences while he was growing up.

Joe’s main gigs and sessions currently include work with rock band Dirty Shirley, who he has been playing with since 2018. Joe is also the studio drummer for Patrick Drake. Joe has also worked with other solo artists including Paola Vera, Hannah Park, Billhouse, Carl Jenkins and Hollie Beadell. This shows his diversity and adaptability within the industry. 

Joe also enjoys working in the theatres and playing in musicals. In 2017 he participated in his first theatre production at college, performing ‘Bonnie and Clyde’ under the musical direction of Liam Carey. Liam described Joe as “a human metronome” which Joe believes is a standout moment in his life and something which he will always remember. 

Joe recently completed his Bachelor of Honours Music Performance Degree, specialising in Drums, at the Academy of Contemporary Music in Guildford. He was delighted to achieve a first class honours result. Feedback from the practical aspect of the degree included high levels of praise for his Genesis medley, which you can find in the video section. Whilst at university, Joe studied under some top professional industry players including Darren Beckett (Brandon Flowers – The Killers), Toby Drummond (Cliff Richard, Ray Davies) and Windsor McGilvrey (Hugh Cornwall).

Throughout the coronavirus pandemic, Joe has been spending his time working on his own materiel as a freelance musician. Frequently releasing covers on YouTube, Instagram and other forms of social media every few days, covering many different bands and artists and their styles and genres, ranging from Queen to The Specials. In addition, he has also been running a collaborations project called The JD Experience. This involves regularly working with other musicians online and bringing them together as a band. The best example of this was ‘Africa’ by Toto where he received critical acclaim for his musical direction and performance. 

Some of his projects have also included working alongside some industry famous names, such as Paul Booth (Steve Winwood, Elton John, Eagles) and his former lecturer and friend Darren Beckett (Brandon Flowers – The Killers). You can find all of Joe’s covers and collaborations here.