Dirty Shirley Return!

On Sunday 5th July Dirty Shirley’s long awaited reunion was finally over when the band released material for the first time in over 5 months, albeit nothing new, but something to put a smile on the faces of their passionate supporters.

Lockdown has had a huge impact on the music industry and Dirty Shirley were one of many bands who had to cancel upcoming shows in 2020, including a U.K. tour in May/June with headline shows in Southampton, London and Guildford.

Nevertheless it was fantastic to see them back up and running yesterday with a live studio version of their best known song ‘Killer on the Loose’ reaching thousands by the end of the day. Jacob reminding us how he’s not lost of any of his vocal or playing ability, Joe demonstrating how his recent collaborations and covers have been put into practice, Will showing off his monstrous ability on the lead guitar and Dayne proving that despite being relatively new to the band, he has managed to fill a huge hole vacated by Adam. Despite all of the ups and downs of recent months it’s certainly safe to say the boys are back and they mean business. Their studio version of their 2nd single ‘Ms. Wallace’ is set to be released next.

Dirty Shirley’s long awaited live comeback is still some time away with their next scheduled gig provisionally set for October 16th at The Boileroom, supporting Guns 2 Roses in one of their biggest events yet. It’s one not to miss if you’re around.

Click here to watch Dirty Shirley’s live studio comeback!

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