One Very Happy Collaboration

How about a ‘Happy’ way to spend lockdown? There are always solutions to make the best of any bad situation. The JD Experience certainly demonstrated this with their latest collaboration, released last Saturday. Without a shadow of a doubt, it has brought many smiles and happiness to people who need it the most during these continuing difficult times.

Organised by Joe once again, his latest collaboration featuring five exceptionally talented musicians, a few familiar faces and some new ones too. Happy, originally by Pharrell Williams was one of the biggest hits of the 2010s. It was best known as a soundtrack for the legendary film Despicable Me 2 where it first came into prominence before going global. There was a heavy sense of optimism before the release on Saturday and for very good reason indeed. Joe and his group of talented colleagues once again set the bar high with an exceptional performance of precision and high quality team work.

Charlotte Neal, following up from her latest new single ‘Bloom’ demonstrated her exceptional vocal quality with her talent shining through to lead the band and bring high level of energy to the performance. Will Collins, a regular collaborator with Joe once again showed his unique ability to not only create an exceptional bass line, but always managing to go above and beyond to play as closely to the drum pattern as you possibly can. Vincent Way, also another regular collaborator with Joe played exceptionally accurately throughout and clearly showed once again his ability to consistently drive the rhythmic melody line throughout the song, never letting up on his accuracy and precision. Aaron Carter completed the lineup and brilliantly filled out the song with his magnificent keyboard playing, time keeping, improvisation and development over the original layer. Joe also did a fantastic job of adding additional layers such as bongos, claps and as always producing the mix and the video in addition to his fantastic drumming skills. He later commented…

“This is definitely something different, not something I would’ve once considered myself doing or playing. However, when you are working in the music industry and develop a following, you always want to keep your followers and viewers interested and you always want to surprise them with things they weren’t necessarily expecting from you. As a result we chose to cover this song and words cannot describe how proud I am of my colleagues and everybody else involved to make these collaborations a possibility. Everybody played their part to the best of their ability and as usual I am shocked and delighted with how good the end result turns out to be, we can all pat ourselves on the back.”

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Charlotte Neal

Will Collins

Vincent Way

Aaron Carter