“I first met Joe when he was 14 and my first impressions were of what a hard worker he was. Joe is really into music and really enthuses about other drummers and drumming, he is in high demand as a drummer and always has gigs in the diary. He is a great asset to any band or artist as he always turns up on time having learnt the songs. He is always totally dependable and because of his amazing time keeping, groove, chops and feel I would wholeheartedly recommend Joe to any band, theatre, artist or further education course in music.”

John Roberts (The Blockheads, Mark Knopfler)


“Joe has been in the music industry as a freelance drummer for a few years now and you can tell with his progression and maturity. His reliability, enthusiasm and constant determination to be the best version of himself sticks out not just within his playing, but throughout the projects and opportunities he launches himself into. He is one of the nicest guys to work with, extremely supportive of other musicians and a joy to share the stage with. An absolutely fantastic drummer, I highly recommend booking him for any gig.”

Andy Reynolds (Owen Paul, The Buzzcocks, Dr Feel Good, Kim Carnes)


“I first met Joe when I auditioned him when I was a tutor at ACM. Right away he showed, not only in his playing but his attitude, of someone who was passionate and dedicated to their craft. When Joe and I reconnected a couple of years later as a graduate all that hard work came to fruition when I heard him play. He continues to grow as a player everyday, and as his friend and teacher I couldn’t be prouder.” 

Darren Beckett (Brandon Flowers, Madeleine Peyroux, Emilie Simon)


“Joe is an extremely talented hard-working drum kit player and musician. He played the drums for our production of ‘Bonnie and Clyde’ and was superb – a human metronome! His tempo is always spot on and totally reliable, his technique is excellent, and he performs with wonderful creativity and passion. He would be an excellent asset to any band, show or recording session. Joe is a friendly chap and a definite team player. I would happily book him again for future productions and events.”

Liam Carey (Musical Director – Gillingham School)


“Joe is a very talented and passionate drummer with a brilliant work ethic. He has been a pleasure to work with at the ACM and always goes above and beyond to develop his skills as a drummer. Joe is certainly a player to look out for in the future.”

Toby Drummond (Cliff Richard, Ray Davies, Shaun Ryder, Russell Watson, The Seahorses)


“I have known Joe for just over a year now after auditioning several drummers for a new music project called Dirty Shirley. Out of all the candidates, Joe’s clear enthusiasm towards the new project shone through and through. I specifically remember him playing out a perfect drum fill from the song ‘Paradise City’ by Guns N’ Roses, which incidentally is one of my favourite songs. His thunderous, creative and consistent playing was a perfect fit for the project and Joe has kept the groove ever since.”

Jacob Wood (Dirty Shirley)


“I have seen Joe at work on multiple occasions, onstage as a performer, in the studio as a sessions musician and offstage as a promoter and organiser. He is extremely passionate and truly proud of everything that he does and is also one of the most versatile drummers that I have had the pleasure of meeting.”

Jacob Loveday (Sunfall)


“Joe is a very dedicated and disciplined student with an excellent work ethic towards his studies, he will sit with whatever it is he needs to do and sit with it until it’s done to a high level. So, with a work ethic and discipline like Joe’s, that’s something that can definitely come in handy in a professional music career.”

Windsor McGilvrey (Hugh Cornwall)