A Tribute To Lemmy!

What do you do during lockdown when you can’t see any of your friends? Make music with them online instead!

On Wednesday Joe released another tribute to a legendary band and artist featuring his good friend Josh Anderson, paying a tribute to Motörhead and Lemmy with their collaboration cover of ‘Ace Of Spades’, Motörhead’s most famous song in their forty year history. They are widely regarded as the one of the heaviest and loudest bands in modern history with many of their concerts making headlines for breaking decibel levels despite Lemmy always referring Motörhead as “Rock and Roll”. Many consider Motörhead to be a heavy rock or heavy metal band and this tribute is a clear demonstration that many could be considered correct. Their unique style and originality has been extremely hard to emulate but Joe and Josh certainly gave it their best shot.

Considered by many as one of the best bassists of all time, Lemmy had an incredibly distinctive style where he strummed the bass guitar and played chords in most of their songs, he also had a very recognisable singing voice and always positioned his microphone in an uncommonly high position when performing for personal style and comfort reasons. Josh did a fantastic job of emulating Lemmy’s style in this collaboration with his distinctive bass playing and rough vocals as well as demonstrating some fantastic guitar work including playing the original guitar solo perfectly throughout.

Phil Taylor, commonly known as Philthy Animal was the original drummer of Motorhead and Joe certainly didn’t disappoint with his consistent, powerful and lively drumming throughout the song emulating that of Phil Taylor on the original recording. Although not always Joe’s preferred style, metal was definitely the order of the day for these two musicians as they rocked the house down with this brilliant tribute which was incredibly well put together.

Reviews have been highly successful including one from Stacia, a dancer from Hawkwind who was also a good friend of Lemmy’s where she said “Have a listen to these Guys. Goddess bless the youth.”

Overall this is a fantastic collaboration with a lot of creative thought and input behind it. Collaborations like these show that Rock and Roll is far from dead and there are many brilliant young musicians who are determined to follow their heroes.

Click here to watch the tribute online

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