Single Review – Dirty Shirley – Killer On The Loose

Dirty Shirley - Killer on the Loose (Single)

ACM Guildford outfit Dirty Shirley continue to go from strength to strength. After a string of successful headline gigs in and around the Guildford area, the band got to work on recording a handful of their best received original tunes, many of which are familiar to practically everybody in Guildford.

Killer On The Loose, then, was naturally at the top of their list. It’s loved by the masses when the band performs it live, and now it can be loved all over again by loads of people all over the world thanks to the wonders of streaming services.

So how does it sound? I hear you screaming…

Strap in…

The boys don’t waste a second of the 3 minute 48 second runtime, with the tune blasting out of the gate kicking and screaming with a brilliant riff courtesy of guitar wizardry from Jacob Wood (Lead Vocals, Guitar, Sound Engineer, Producer) and Will Vickery (Lead Guitar, Bass). Not to mention the twisted love child of Neil Peart and Keith Moon in Joe Donegan, who whacks the skins like his life depends on it as soon as the tune hits its stride.

This song has the makings and the make up of all the best loved rock and roll standards. Lead singer Jacob Wood channels Axl Rose and Bon Scott with the instruments matching that same ‘sit down shut up and listen’ attitude.

Believe me, you’re going to want to listen to this song. It’s a rollercoaster, it’s as if all the greatest hits of Guns N Roses, ACDC and Royal Blood were knocked into a medieval catapult and hurled straight into your face. Get it yet? This song has an attitude that is the epitome of good old fashioned Rock and Roll. Its heavy, its crude and its here to stay.

So if it wasn’t obvious, this is an excellent and exciting start from Dirty Shirley. The band continue to add fuel to the undying fire of Rock and Roll. Long may it burn.

Review by William Rodger for The Friendly Critic

You can listen to the debut single here.

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