Team Work Is Dream Work

Another duet, a brand new face, a fantastic professional performance and a great working chemistry between two fantastic upcoming musicians. Joe has recently released his latest collaboration project in the form of a duet with his friend Emily Wohrle on lead vocals, working with Joe for the very first time. Together they covered one of the most popular modern rock songs of the twenty-first century.

On Friday 9th April, working together, they covered and released ‘The Pretender’, originally by Foo Fighters. It was released over all of their online platforms and very quickly received many positive reviews and high levels of praise from other freelance musicians. Both Joe and Emily combined their creative skills to produce what was a masterful cover full of accuracy, energy and passion. The two musicians met over their university network and soon started working together closely on multiple projects with this particular song being their first of many.

Emily Wohrle, originally from Stuttgart, Germany is best known as the lead vocalist of the German functions band Scatterbrains. Her vocals especially suit rock songs due to her wide range, powerful voice and creative stage presence. She specialises in functions work and is widely regarded as one of the most upcoming and promising freelance singers in Germany and has been heavily praised for her exceptional vocal skills in her most recent collaboration with Joe. Frequently demonstrating her unbelievable talent and accuracy with a voice that not only suited the song, but stood out so brilliantly to blend in with Joe’s brilliant drumming. Once again, Joe did a magnificent job with not only his consistency, time keeping, accuracy, precision and dynamic skills, but also managed to conduct and lead what has been a fantastic collaboration between two supremely talented musicians. Joe later commented…

“Emily has been brilliant to work with throughout this project. Rock is a genre I am typically used to and being a huge Foo Fighters fan this was very special for me to cover with such a fantastic singer. I thoroughly enjoyed every single minute of working on this and this is one of many projects Emily and I will be undertaking over the next few months. Her voice is so natural and powerful and was the perfect fit for a song where vocal power is absolutely essential and Emily certainly took the challenge, thrived and absolutely smashed it. Determination in this industry is crucial especially during these hard times we are all currently facing and I certainly hope this is just the start for both Emily and myself. Emily is now a great friend of mine as well as a regular contributor who I will be happily working with again any more times in the future, this is the first of many.”

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